Niu U1 electrical scooter

The Niu U1 is a beautiful modern and compact electric scooter. The U1 uses a stylistic and at the same time functional ‘naked’ frame. The frame ensures excellent balance and good roadholding.

The ultra-efficient and smart engine was built in collaboration with BOSCH. This cooperation originated from the “Field-Oriented Control” system developed by NIU, specially developed for the 1500W BOSCH engine to optimize energy consumption. The FOC-optimized engine is connected to an EBS double braking system to bring power back into the system. So when you brake, you charge the battery. With Cloud ECU the statistics of the rider are mapped. In addition, there is a new Six-Axis motion sensor in the U1. This makes the alarm very accurate and can also register if the scooter falls over. It detects all kinds of movements around your scooter.

The Battery Management System not only indicates how long the battery needs to be charged but also other factors that influence battery protection, such as charging. The U1 uses Keyless Ignition as its first scooter from Niu.

The Niu motor lock makes it possible to lock the motor when the scooter is in park mode. This makes the Niu U1 extremely resistant to theft.

Now available at our shop for only : € 1895,-

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